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We are dedicated to getting the results no matter what your complaints are – if you walk out feeling rejuvenated and with less pain we can smile, mission accomplished!

Pregnancy Massage

Growing a baby is hard work! Pregnancy is such a special time for new parents but in addition of excitement and joy, pregnancy can also bring along many discomforts. Most common complaints in pregnancy are sore hips and low back, swollen feet and hands but also overall tiredness. Our therapist is qualified and experienced in prenatal massage and is able to help you with pregnancy related aches and pains.

Postnatal Massage

Congratulations!! You have finally met your little kicker and she/he is absolutely gorgeous! Now it is time for you to recover and heal from your long pregnancy culminated with the birth. Try to be patient and kind to your body during that adjustment time – it can take months post-birth for your body to feel balanced again. Postnatal massage gives mum a most needed break to rejuvenate and aid the recovery from the birth of the baby.

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is great for relieving neck and shoulder pains, headaches and low back pain. Remedial massage is also known for its benefits while recovering from depression and anxiety. During each session therapist will adjust the pressure and techniques to your specific needs. Regular remedial massage at least once a month will help in maintaining healthy body, keeping your mind calm and preventing injuries.

I'm so glad I found Maret on Google as she is a god send to pregnant mothers. After our session this morning, I felt like I was walking away on clouds. Merit your expertise is such a blessing and I look forward to my next appointment. Thank you for such an amazing experience. I highly recommend other mummys-to-be and women to your clinic. Thank you.
I had a wonderful experience getting an amazing pregnancy massage with Maret. I will definitely be back and have recommended her to other pregnant mums. I felt completely relaxed whilst having the massage and was rejuvenated after.
Jess JJ
Best recommendation ever. In one foul swoop Maret relieved so much built up tension. Headache be gone. Booking a weekly session. Best ever massage and lovely person to boot!!